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NOTE: Please download the file immediately after purchasing the itinerary. Make sure to save it to your computer, e-mail, Google Drive, Flashdrive, etc. After 30 days, you will no longer be able to download it.


DETROIT, MI: "Shout out to Franny the Traveler for her awesome itineraries. She made our trip to Detroit, Michigan a breeze with her curated schedules that included major attractions as well as local places that were a must-see. She is phenomenal at putting together a travel plan that caters to your desires. For example, our group tour emphasized “Black History of the Motor City” with trips to the Detroit’s Historical Museum, Institute of Arts and Motown Museum. She kept us fed with local black-owned restaurants like Kuzzo’s Chicken & Waffles and had us dancing all night at Bosco’s lounge, just to name a few! Needless to say, Franny the Travelers Itineraries are the way to go! Happy Travels 🎉"  - Tanisha

DETROIT, MI: I had the pleasure of experiencing a Franny the Traveler itinerary on a trip to Detroit. It was amazing and I can’t wait to use her itineraries on my trips to other destinations. The trip was a perfect balance of educational and fun. Our visit to the Motown museum taught em so much about one of the most i i fluential eras in music. And as a line dance enthusiast, her night life recommendations were in point. Got to shuffle the night away at Bosco’s. Was on cloud nine. And got a taste of Detroit’s live music scene at Raven’s. The spot was homey and intimate and the music was awesome. I left Detroit knowing that I’d return and that is in large part because of the recommendations by Franny the Traveler! - Zawadi

ICELAND: I went to Iceland using Franny’s itinerary in February, 2020 - right before the global pandemic that we now know as COVID-19. From beginning to end, the experience was beyond what I had imagined or expected. Whether it was a walking tour, a museum visit or authentic dining experiences, I was truly able to understand and experience every aspect of Icelandic life - all thanks to Franny the Traveler. If you’re thinking of visiting Iceland, look no further than Franny’s itinerary; it will be the best travel experience you’ve ever had!  - Andy

ALEXANDRIA, VA: "I went to Alexandria, VA with Franny the Traveler in late March, 2021. Having never heard of this place before, I was skeptical as to how my experience would be. However, with Franny’s itinerary, I was able to unpack this city in great detail and quickly came to discover that Alexandria is the hidden gem of tourist attractions in the US. This wouldn’t have happened with Franny’s carefully thought out itineraries of things to do and places to visit. If you want an unforgettable travel experience, then buy Franny’s itinerary to Alexandria - you will NOT regret it!" - Andy

PRAGUE & BUDAPEST: "Franny will always give you the best places to go, connects, and things to do in any destination. The Budapest and Czech Republic itinerary gives you landmark areas and musts in both cities so you can maximize your time and see the most important sites whether it’s a short or long trip." - Tashana

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