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How can you Support BLACK?

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  • Leave a positive book review: By leaving a book review on Amazon, Good Reads, and/or whatever platform you purchased this book, this will help this book be noticed by others and inspire others to purchase it. Ultimately, this helps to get this book in more hands so they can be part of the movement as well. Leaving a review on Amazon would be super helpful!

  • Take pictures and use the hashtags #SupportBlackPeriodt: Take a picture at the location you visited because of this book. Social media is a great way to make this into a movement, so use the hashtag #SupportBlackPeriodt and tag me on Instagram, @franny_the_traveler. I want my social media and website to be a resource that enhances your experience with the book. By tagging me when you use this book, it will allow me to share it so others are inspired by your experience. If you do not have social media, email me at

  • Visit places featured in the book: When you travel to any of the places in this book, let them know that Franny the Traveler from Support BLACK Periodt sent you. If they have never heard of it, show them this book! Have them email Franny at

  • Spread the word about the book to others: Share the title and links of this book with your friends, your mama, your cousins, your extended family, and your colleagues. Buy it as a gift for someone. Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to show support.

  • Sign Up for The Monthly Recap Newsletter on the blog: This recap will allow you to get in depth overviews of places I traveled using the Support BLACK Framework. Once a month I will feature a new blog post, provide access to my travel itineraries, and share travel tips to help you travel with ease. You will also be the first to get the most recent updates. Check out to sign up for this newsletter now. I promise, no spam!

  • Wear Your Support: I am a huge proponent of tees with a purpose. It gets your message across and reveals your values in a split second through what is plastered across your chest on your t-shirt or sweatshirt. I am selling t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, and more. Make a purchase through my Shop on Then take a picture of yourself using the item while using the hashtag #SupportBlackPeriodt and tag me on Instagram so I can spread this movement to others.

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