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Purchase my itinerary for Portland, Maine so you simply just have to book and execute! Little to no planning needed. 



  • Voted top for Coziest City

  • It’s Super Walkable

  • It’s Got Small Town Charm With Big City Foodie Culture

  • An Island Getaway Is Just A Short Ferry Away

  • Has 17 microbreweries—the most per capita of any city in the nation,

  • Ranks 8th for best places to live in the US

Portland, Maine Itinerary

$19.99 Regular Price
$15.39Sale Price
  • This 16 page itinerary contains:

    •  Lodging 
    •  Transportation: to get to location + while there 
    •  Links and contacts to all excursions & guides 
    •  Main attractions + hidden gems 
    •  Distance one location to next, organized to maximize time 
    •  Black-owned and/or local spots 
    •  Travel planner organizer for you to take your own notes
  • All purchases are final, but please email above if you need any additional assistance.

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