NAME:  Franny

MY PURPOSE HERE: To see more more black and plus-size travelers on the social media scene, and intends to help bring that about, one post at a time while I crush my travel goals.

HOMETOWN: Brooklyn, NY ("We go hard!")


OCCUPATION: Assistant Principal of Math & Science 

SPECIAL INTEREST: (aside from traveling) Breaking Barriers for Black Females in STEM


  • FAVORITE U.S. CITY (thus far): Chicago, Illinois: I am a New Yorker through and through. However, I can appreciate a place that has an amazing food scene and skyline. Chicago has endless things to do. I also just love that although the skyscrapers are more closely packed together, the streets feel less cramped. Having a river run through the city also makes it more picturesque! Moreover, have you ever tried a deep-dish pizza? It is A-MA-ZING.

  • FAVORITE COUNTRY (thus far): Haiti: What is there not to love? It is a gorgeous country that is fighting every stereotype. It is my ancestry. My love for the country is due to its impressive history,its tasty food, and picturesque landscape. The waterfalls, the lush mountains, the mini islands, the powdery sand beaches--need I go on? 

About Me

Part-time traveler and full-time nationally award-winning educator. My passion for travel led me to start my travel blog so I could share the stories of my adventures and tips I have learned along the way as I conquer at least two new countries and two new states a year to reach 50 states & 50 countries by age 50.


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