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Joining the Blogger/Travelgrammer World!

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Many of you are probably thinking, "oh God, here is another travel blog or Instagram account." Well...yes, it is and you have the right to say that. We all have our motivations for doing things. DISCLAIMER: I don't typically do things to follow trends. In fact, I am often the last one to hop on the bandwagon and by then, it may not even be a trend (por ejemplo: Twilight) -_-.

Here are the TOP 5 REASONS that pushed me to finally create this blog:

#1. Love for Travel

I #lovetotravel (..duh)! As a result, I like to share my travels with people. This had led to people commenting that I am always traveling somewhere and express the desire to live vicariously through me. Well, here ya go! Now you will get pictures and commentary in one place. Awesome sauce!

#2. Love to Plan & Recommend

My friends have always depended on me for recommendations or creating itineraries when traveling with me. I usually come through pretty well. This is a platform where I can bring that concept to life!

#3. Love Organization & Aesthetics

This entertains my OCD/perfectionism/left brain tendencies. I love attention to detail. I also love things to be visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing. With this blog, you will definitely notice that in comparison to many others, not only do I care about content, but of visuals as well. Why can't something be cute and useful at the same time?


#4. Love ME

I am ALL about this #blackgirlmagic movement, which is clearly picking up in travel too. I rock that I am black and am proud of it on a daily basis. To add on to that, I am not your common, slim fit traveler either. I got some body cushion in a whole lot of places (some places I rather not have), but I do embrace all of my curves. It makes me who I am and I love it. I am unapologetically ME!

#5. Love travel social media

I am motivated by all the other travel blogs and Instagrams. These pages have pushed me to research more and as a result, have also led me to crave for more.  It makes me so proud to see so many female travelers out there doing their thang. It warms my heart and makes me excited in the morning to see all these black travelgrammers filling up my feed with that #blackgirljoy. I want to be a part of that movement by motivating others to travel despite having had times of feeling that they could not because they were scared, ashamed or uncomfortable due to gender, race, or body image.

!!! PIN IT !!!

So what are your reasons for creating a travel blog or travel Instagram?  Comment below!

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