13 USA Destinations Every Black Woman Should Visit in their Lifetime

Updated: Feb 18

Traveling while Black in the United States is...complicated. Although we are no longer banned from places legally, there are still many places Black travelers do not feel safe because of either past history or current racial incidents. This is why The Negro Motorist Green Book was created in 1936 to help Black travelers find places they would feel comfortable. This is why the online Black travel movement has become more than a trend.

A common thing that I have heard among Black female travelers is that they feel safer traveling abroad than in the USA. As a result, many Black female travelers do not travel as frequently around the USA. It saddens me that many do not feel comfortable traveling in their own backyard.

Fortunately for me, I have mostly had positive experiences while traveling in the USA. As a person who has a strong desire to see all 50 states (and territories) and particularly patronize Black-owned businesses and uncover Black history in every US state and territory, I hope to inspire other Black females to explore their own backyard.

To help you decide where to go, I mobilized the help of 11 Black Travel Queens who are living their best travel life to share their perspective of MUST TRAVEL USA Destinations for Black women from their own travel experiences. These Black Travel Queens travel frequently and have been to USA spots. Therefore, their perspective is particularly valuable!

In honor of Black History Month, I wanted to take a moment to celebrate these Black Travel Queens. I also want you to know that there are places we can visit comfortably and spread our Black girl magic unapologetically. Moreover, this post was important for me in order to 1. Educate others on taking micro-cations; 2. Inspire people to support Black; 3. Amplify underrepresented voices in the travel industry. This blog post does all three!

As you read through this list and wanderlust on your next vacation, please keep in mind that each experience is personal and so your experience may be different. You ready sis!?!

Table of Contents:

1. Washington DC 
2. Memphis, Tennessee 
3. Sedona, Arizona 
4. Cincinatti,Ohio 
5. New Orleans 
6. Alaska 
7. Miami, Florida 
8. Atlanta, Georgia 
9. St. Louis, Missouri 
10. Charleston, South Carolina 
11. New York City 
12. Detroit, Michigan 
13. St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands 

Destination #1: Washington, DC

Recommended by Naa Adei

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Why: DC is a hub for young Black professionals, so there are also other Black women walking around to give you some outfit and hair inspo 😅

Top Recommendations:

  • Hit a brunch/day party combo

  • Bar hop at the Wharf in SW DC

  • Stroll the African American History Museum

Must Eats:

  • Get a glizzy

  • Hit any of the black-owned soul food spots in town:

  • Oohs and Aahs is really popular

  • District Soul Food is a vibe

  • Carolina Kitchen

Destination #2: Memphis, Tennessee

Recommended by Kim

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Why: I enjoyed Memphis. There is so much history and a lot of great things to do here!

Top Recommendations:

  • If you’re looking for something outside of Graceland check out these must-sees:

  • National Civil Rights Museum/Lorraine Motel

  • Stax Museum

  • Beale Street

Must Eats:

  • You can not visit Memphis and not have BBQ. If you visit the Lorraine Motel/National Civil Rights Museum, there is Central B.B.Q, which is within steps from the museum.

  • For a Black-owned BBQ spot in Memphis, check out Cozy Corner.

Need more info? Check out Kim’s Resources:

Destination #3: Sedona, Arizona

Recommended by Jessie

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