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25 Tips to Explore Locally & Safely in a Pandemic

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Exploring Locally is the New Black. 

At least I hope so…

I decided to compile this post because despite being in a pandemic, I am not seeing enough people exploring locally. As I watch my IG stories and scroll the newsfeed, I notice that many people are increasingly traveling despite the fact that we are nowhere near the final stretch in the United States as a whole. Overall, the United States now has more than 6.4 million confirmed COVID-19 cases since the pandemic began and over 190,000 deaths. Although there is a decrease in the number of daily cases, we are nowhere near okay! 

I am not here to judge. I am here to offer an alternative.

I understand the travel itch needs to be satisfied. However, travel does not have to be an international trip. It does not even have to be a domestic trip. It can be your own backyard -- your own state, your own city, and even your own neighborhood. Traveling locally is one of the most overlooked methods of traveling. I will admit that I overlooked this too until the pandemic. Now, it is my new normal.  Even when I resume more typical travel, I plan to continue traveling locally.

DISCLAIMER:  Traveling locally typically means taking a trip to a place within 120 miles of your home (or within a 2-hour drive). However, in this blog post, you will find information about traveling to places that are within a 4-5 hours drive.

Why should you travel locally you might be asking yourself? Let’s start with these 5 reasons (but I could go on and on…)

  1. Traveling locally means supporting local businesses, which is crucial to developing a strong local economy. In this pandemic, this is more important than ever! 

  2. Convenience is everything! I have to admit, I have loved not having to worry about packing, getting up early to catch a flight, or dealing with the headaches of airport security these last few months. 

  3. Saving coins is nice too! I have been able to save more money than normal, have a zero balance on my credit card, and increase my credit score (which I thought I was stagnant at this point). This can all attributed to the fact that I have not purchased a single flight or accommodation since last year. Instead, I have been receiving refunds for canceled trips. 

  4. You will feel refreshed! The feelings you get when you discover a new landscape in another country also happen when you make a new discovery in your own backyard. 

  5. You will become an expert of your own backyard. This means that you can then help others discover your backyard -- whether it is other natives who have not taken advantage of their own hometown or travelers from other states and countries. I am hoping to build a collection of posts that become the default resource for others to tap into when exploring my hometown: New York City (and extend this outward to the rest of the state). 

Now that I have convinced you to explore locally, read THIS post to learn how to explore locally and safely in a pandemic. This post features tidbits from 12 travelers who have been very proactive in exploring locally. Result: They have discovered dope hidden gems in their hometown that they have shared as well. Remember that their local exploration becomes your travel bucket list post-rona ;-).

I asked each traveler the following: 

1. What has been your experience exploring locally amidst the pandemic?

2. What are your top tips to explore locally and explore safely?

3. What are 3 hidden gems you discovered so far during your local exploration?What recommendations do you have for those looking to explore your hometown? 

For even more ideas, read “6 Simple Ways to Be a Tourist in Your Hometown

If your hometown is New York State (or you just want ideas of things to check out post-rona), check out the following blog posts:

Check the responses from

12 of my Favorite Travelers turned Local Explorers!


Tip #1Get there when they first open and during the week.

Less people so you can socially distance and explore safely.

Recommended by Saundra from The Chane Traveler

Connect with Saundra: Instagram

Local Exploration Spot: Georgia

1. What has been your experience exploring locally amidst the pandemic?

My experience of exploring my state has been really seamless. The places I have locally explored are mainly hiking and/or visiting national parks. Hiking the different trails, seeing multiple waterfalls, and BBQ. We visited most of the national parks very early so that we wouldn’t face many restrictions. The reason we went early was that the National Park has a car limit due to COVID-19. Since we were driving 2 to 3 hours, we didn't want to have to wait to get in the park. I hate to say it, but most people weren't wearing masks. However, they were trying to social distance. But, that was hard at times.

2. What are 3 hidden gems you discovered so far during your local exploration? What recommendations do you have for those looking to explore your hometown? 

Local Exploration Spot: Georgia

So each of the three gems is part of the 7 Wonders of Georgia. Our quest is to visit all seven. I googled hidden gems in Georgia, National Parks, Waterfalls, and Road Trips in GA to discover this. 

  • Providence Canyon: We first went to Providence Canyon, known as the Little Grand Canyon of Georgia. I had heard about it before but never did much research until COVID 19. The Canyons are about 150 feet deep and were caused by erosion due to poor farming practices in the 19th Century. It is also home to a rare plum leaf azalea. While walking the floor of the canyon, I saw hues of pink, yellow, orange, purple soil. There are five canyon trails on the canyon floor. The canyon floor has a thin layer of water, so be sure to wear hiking boots or sneakers unless you don't mind getting muddy

  • Amicalola Falls: This is my favorite. It is the largest waterfall in Georgia. We parked in the middle of the trail, which leads you to the middle of the waterfall. Just a quick walk to the falls. Then, you walk down about 175 stairs to enjoy the scenery and walk to the bottom of the falls. Walk back up and then walk 443 steps up to the top. Now, your thighs may be mad at you, but the views are amazing at the top. Of course, go at your own pace with the steps

  • Tallulah Gorge: That is the last one so far. It is where I liked to have died twice

Need more resources? Check out The Chane Traveler posts


Tip #2Search Instagram hashtags for your city! Find a blogger who is exploring your city and follow along! 

I share everything that I do with my followers so they know that people are out and about and still trying to have a life, even in a pandemic. There are actually worthwhile places to see in your own city (or close to it)!

Tip #3: Check your city’s website for things to do.

Many times, there’s a wealth of information available that we have never seen because we take our cities for granted.

Recommended by Ashlee from Will Drink for Travel

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Local Exploration Spot: Baltimore, Maryland

1. What has been your experience exploring locally amidst the pandemic?

My experience has been a really great one! Most people follow the rules and wear a mask as well as stay 6 feet apart. Whenever I see the rare person who isn’t, I keep my eye on them and steer clear!

2. What are 3 hidden gems you discovered so far during your local exploration? What recommendations do you have for those looking to explore your hometown? 

Local Exploration Spot: Baltimore, Maryland

1) Tubing down the Gunpowder River in Monkton, MD

2) Baltimore City walking trails

3) A picnic in Latrobe Park with Ice Queen Snowballs for dessert: 

INSIDER TIP:  Follow the food! Food is big in Baltimore. Therefore, if you find a good restaurant, there is usually an interesting area to explore nearby!

Need more resources? Check out Will Drink For Travel’s posts


Tip #4Pick locations that have low numbers and are practicing social distancing

Tip #5: Map out what you want to see.

Make sure establishments are open and of course...


Tip #6: Don’t be bummed that you can’t travel internationally, but embrace the experience.

Recommended by Tia from Tia Takes the World

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Local Exploration Spot: Abu Dhabi, UAE

1. What has been your experience exploring locally amidst the pandemic?

My experience traveling during COVID-19 has been eye-opening and an adventure! It sucks that it took a pandemic to make me explore my own backyard. However, I’m glad that I have been able to do it.

I have been able to explore beaches that I never explored, climb sand dunes, drive out to some of the less popular locations, and just enjoy the world around me!

The problems that I faced were only being able to explore one emirate (Abu Dhabi) as you HAVE to take a COVID-19 test to travel through the other Emirates. Another problem was having to wear a mask in the car with more than one person...can you say ANNOYING!!??

People are definitely social distancing. The UAE is not playing! Staffers at every establishment that you go to wear masks and there are capacities based on the size of buildings that are being very closely monitored. It’s really amazing!

2. What are 3 hidden gems you discovered so far during your local exploration? What recommendations do you have for those looking to explore your hometown? 

Local Exploration Spot: Abu Dhabi, UAE

3 hidden gems that I’ve explored during my explorations have been:

  • To see amazing sand dunes. Moreeb Hill is supposedly the tallest dune in the UAE, and one of the largest hill climbs in the world.

  • I’ve visited the home of the first sheikh of the UAE, Al Ain.

  • I’ve also visited the largest Oasis in the UAE and UNESCO (al-Ain oasis)

If anyone ever looked to explore the UAE I suggest taking a closer look at Abu Dhabi. It’s so much more than the grand mosque, Ferrari world, and Emirates Palace.

Need more resources? Check out Tia Takes the World resources: 


Tip #7:  Consult this fact-based, and medically vetted infographic, to decide what you want to do for the scale of risky activities.

Since I still want to see/hang out with family members, I won't do: indoor dining, bars, movie theaters, amusement parks, aka anywhere a lot of people are congregating and social distancing isn't possible, traveling by plane, etc. So yes, I am taking a lot of social activities out of my options. However, this is also the most time I've spent with family/loved ones consecutively in a very long time (years!) and not something I want to give up.  Depending on where you live, your familial and living situation, your own personal health, and personal risk tolerance, this will look different!

Tip #8: Minimize risks while exploring outdoors -- just because you are outdoors does not mean it is fully risk proof.

Things you can do to minimize risks while exploring the outdoors are camping (in a tent or RV), AirBnBs where self-check-in is a nice contactless option, hotels with individual AC units, using your own hand sanitizer when filling up the gas as well as when touching things (handles, buttons, etc.), and stay within your contact bubble! 

Tip #9:  Limit your contact with strangers.

You can do this by using virtual/contactless payments, taking your own food/drinks whenever possible, and taking ROAD TRIPS! I took a day trip to Devil's Lake State Park in WI, a very popular state park and it went pretty smoothly. It's ~3.5hr drive for me, I had preemptively purchased my park pass, so there was no need to exchange $ with anyone/interact with employees unnecessarily. My friend and I had taken our own food in a mini cooler, we filled up gas near home, brought soap/water/hand sanitizer to wash hands in case the park didn't have any (they did, yay!), wore masks in the more popular landmarks where social distancing wasn't possible, etc. 

Tip #10: All in all, you have to be aware of the rules at your destination AND the rules for when you come back home--

especially if you're crossing state lines.

At the time I went, there were no rules about quarantining. As of last week, however, anyone that's been to WI has a 14-day mandatory quarantine if they return to the Chicago area...because of a spike in cases and deaths. So, just go with a flexible mindset, and have a plan A, B, and C. 

Recommended by Sandra from SJ Torres

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Local Exploration Spot: Illinois

1. What has been your experience exploring locally amidst the pandemic?

I've had a lot of positive experiences exploring locally these last few months--from walking/hiking to running, to biking. I work remotely in my chosen career, but in non-pandemic times, work usually has me traveling quite a bit (both domestically and internationally). So historically, I hadn't had much time to explore my own backyard. Because I have several family members with chronic health conditions and/or are immunocompromised, I've taken to exploring a lot of the forest preserves and public lands in my neighborhood and surrounding towns/cities since it's one of the least risky activities to do.  I've also ordered take-out/curbside pickup from restaurants and had outdoor picnics with friends. I happen to live in the southern suburbs of Chicago, so it's nowhere near as densely populated as the city (Chicago). There's plenty of public green spaces, making social distancing relatively easy. Being in wide-open spaces, there isn't much need for masks unless you happen to be in a popular lookout spot/landmark and there's a lot of people around you. Within the state of Illinois, most guidelines have mandated masks when you can't socially distance (ex: grocery stores), but if you can, masks are not required (ex: forest preserve trails). 

2. What are 3 hidden gems you discovered so far during your local exploration? What recommendations do you have for those looking to explore your hometown? 

Locally Exploration Spot: Illinois

  • Messenger Marsh Park + Trail- 3.44-mile trail, some of it is paved, but a good portion of it is pretty rugged, and at some points even share the trails with people on their horses! Wildlife is plenty--there were some fawns and deer just prancing about (remember to keep your distance and don't bother them!). There's also a dog park, which is totally worth it.  When I went (Sunday afternoon), I ran across only 2 other people walking their dogs. Dassit.

  • The Forge Lemont Quarries- Not a hidden gem, but super new (opened this summer!). It is a a new adventure park that includes ropes courses, ziplines, and climbing walls, mountain biking, hiking trails, and serene fishing spots. The park grounds are public and open to anyone, for free. You only need to pay for any of the waiver-based activities. It is also dog-friendly as long as they're leashed. Best bonus? All the trails and access points are ADA accessible and they designed an entire series of aerial challenge courses and zipline components to enable participants with physical disabilities to participate in activities at height and also offer adaptive Mountain Biking and adaptive Paddlesports. I see you inclusive outdoors!

  • The I&M canal trail/I&M Canal National Heritage Area-another one that's not necessarily a hidden gem, but somehow still doesn't get as many people as I thought it would. It used to be a 96-mile hand-dug canal that stretched between LaSalle, IL, and Chicago, IL. However outside the city today, the canal towpath enjoys new life as a trail, outdoor museum, and a way to build community. My favorite stop is in Ottawa, IL at John Hossack's Greek Revival manor house. It overlooks the Illinois River giving you incredible views, but also carries some very rich history--John Hossack, an Irish immigrant and prominent businessman at the time, was an abolitionist through and through, and his manor was a stop on the underground railroad.

Need more resources? Check out Sandra’s resources: 


Tip #11Ask locals for hidden gems and suggestions on new places to visit outside of the normal locations!

The hot spots like Beale Street, downtown Memphis, and National Civil Rights Museum are all great, but there is more to explore right outside of Memphis in smaller cities. 

Recommended by Raqhelle from Raqh the World

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Local Exploration Spot: Tennessee

1. What has been your experience exploring locally amidst the pandemic?

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE: Memphis is rich in cultural diversity, art, and the best of all - Southern cuisine. The main restriction I have faced is how hard the small businesses were hit in Memphis, including the local population. At first, little protocols were in place to fully enforce safety during the pandemic. However, as businesses opened up, more places were beginning to think strategically on how to keep people safe while going back to a new normal. Many new restaurants have QR codes instead of menus, take temperature checks, and limit the number of people indoors or seating in the restaurant. 

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE: I chose to visit a close city outside of Memphis that would bring fun, quiet, and the beautiful outdoors! Chattanooga, TN welcomes all of those things. We visited waterfalls, painted outside, ate great food, and explored hot spot locations like Ruby Falls. Not everyone wore masks, but if they were enforced indoors at restaurants and attractions, they did follow the rules. Chattanooga was a small city and it took less than 10 minutes to get to each location. Therefore, it was easy to distance ourselves from others. Many attractions required booked appointments and limited capacity indoors. A lot of restaurants with specific experiences like Stir, known normally for their open buffet to eat at while waiting on your food, were no longer available and you had to tell the waitress instead to bring the delicious snacks and desserts to you. We also did a pedal pub with only my direct friends instead of grouping together with other strangers. 

JESSIEVILLE, ARKANSAS: Recently, I decided to indulge in a crystal digging adventure at Ron Coleman Mining in Jessieville, AR. I had visited before with friends two years ago and decided to visit again because of how quaint and exciting it is. There isn't a better way to explore hidden gems than to find some too! Arkansas is rich in diamonds and quartz crystals and welcomes a variety of outdoor activities that are a little safer and pro-social distancing. Ron Coleman Mining enforces masks in their gift shop but does not require it to be worn outside. Everyone who participated in mining complied with their rules and wore their mask indoors and even outside at their zip line adventure. In all, you will take away a wealth of information on the background of crystals around the world and have the chance to find your own in their huge mounds of dirt while also embarking on a new adventure across the only zip line that zips across a crystal mine. 

2. What are 3 hidden gems you discovered so far during your local exploration? What recommendations do you have for those looking to explore your hometown? 

Local Exploration Spot: Memphis, TN

As I have explored locally, I have found new places to eat outdoors to enjoy the hot sun and practice social distancing. The best places to have picnics are at the riverfront at Mud Island, Shelby Farms, and local parks. I also found out about victorian homes in Memphis (in the eastern Midtown section) like the Mallory-Neely house and Magevney House.

Insider’s Tip: My best tip to try and explore locally is to choose activities and places that have limited people. Memphis couldn't wait to go back to dining out, and to their regular routines. Therefore, many places seem to be packed and less safe. Think of activities that are outdoors or take classes that require appointments and less capacity. Shelby Farms offers perfect outdoor space for picnics, biking, kayaking, and canoeing. Other classes are offered like painting, candles, pottery, and glassmaking.

Local Exploration Spot: Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga is tucked in the mountains giving you enough opportunity to stay close to downtown or rent a place closer to Lookout Mountain. Chattanooga brings hidden gems like hiking, waterfalls, and biking trails to practice social distancing. The city also has great opportunities for eating locally which will have fewer people. There are a variety of blogs available to find the best places to eat. Call or look at recent posts to discover any changes due to COVID-19 if not posted on attractions or restaurant websites. 

Insider’s Tip: My tips for Chattanooga include booking with Airbnb in order to have a chance to choose games, painting, and activities that practice social distancing. My Airbnb was cute and in the middle of downtown, which was close to all the attractions and restaurants we visited! Enjoy what Chattanooga has to offer and support local businesses!

Local Exploration for Jessieville, AR

Crystal Digging Adventure at Ron Coleman Mining in Jessieville, AR is a hidden gem for Memphis because of its a 3-hour drive tucked near Hot Springs, AR. A lot of people are familiar with Nashville but are not familiar with the opportunity to dig your own crystals. Many people have found huge crystals that = big bucks! You never know if you'll find your next tuition payment lol. 

Insider’s Tip: Tips for planning your next crystal digging adventure include packing your own lunch, a ton of water, sunscreen, wearing old clothes and hats, and bringing joy to your experience. It's easy to practice social distancing while digging while at the same time meeting other diggers that camp for days or weeks at a time because they love digging!

Need more resources? Check out Raqh the World’s resources: 


Tip #12:  Choose activities that you can drive to rather

than taking any sort of public transit.

If my car can't get me there in my personal bubble, I'm not going! Lol During a pandemic, safety is key. So I chose mostly outdoor activities where social distancing was possible.

Recommended by Nikki from Nikki World Boss

Connect with Nikki:  Instagram | Blog | Facebook

Local Exploration Spot: Ontario, Canada

1. What has been your experience exploring locally amidst the pandemic?

The most challenging thing that I had to deal with traveling during the pandemic is finding out if the activity/place was even open. Some places opened up, then an employee tested positive for COVID-19, so they closed. Other places, such as a particular waterfall that I wanted to visit, were open. However, since it was one of a few outdoor spaces open, huge crowds flocked to it, and now it's been closed. Closures change daily!

2. What are 3 hidden gems you discovered so far during your local exploration? What recommendations do you have for those looking to explore your hometown? 

Local Exploration Spot: Ontario, Canada

  • Tobermory Ontario: Tobermory is about a 3.5-4 hour drive from Toronto. If you are craving a beach, this is a pretty good place to visit. It's no Caribbean, but, you do get to enjoy the clear water of Lake Heron! You can snorkel, jet ski, visit a grotto, or suntan and relax at the beach. Tobermory also offers cute boutique shops and restaurants. It's a total cottage feeling. If you can snag a cottage or Airbnb, lucky you. If not, a one-day road trip will do the trick.

  • Flower Fields: You can also visit one of the many lavender or Sunflower farms. I've never really been into flowers. However, since these flower fields are outdoors and I'm able to social distance, they became a hot spot for me. Some places you can check out include: Bonnieheath Estate Lavender & Winery and Lochland Farm

  • Niagara Falls: It isn't much of a hidden gem, but for just 1.5 hours outside of Toronto, you can pack a whole lot of fun into one day or a weekend. You can take a boat ride close to the falls, ride a huge Ferris wheel, check out haunted houses or try amazing restaurants overlooking the falls. You can stop at Niagara on the Lake for some wine tours (Niagara wines are some of the best in the world!). 

Ontario Canada, has beaches, waterfalls, flower fields, museums, and unique restaurants. As much as I can't wait to hop on a plane and travel internationally again, it's been fun discovering gems in Ontario.

Need more resources? Check out Nikki World Boss’ resources: 


Tip #13Try something different!  Try to do more outdoorsy activities -- I think that is a given.

I especially recommend this to people who don’t normally do this kind of thing.

Tip #14: Support the hotel or attraction that is taking extra precautions.

This requires doing research about what measures a hotel or attraction is doing to keep people safe. 

Recommended by Sarah from She Travels

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Local Exploration Spot: Montana

1. What has been your experience exploring locally amidst the pandemic?

Bozeman, MT is a college town and I think because of that, people are more willing to wear masks and be socially distant. Montana actually just passed legislation that requires everyone to wear makes in public buildings. It seems that in more rural areas, companies have the mandatory mask signs up, but they don’t enforce it. So, there hasn’t really been anything we “weren’t allowed to do.” Restaurants, stores, and everything else are still open. However, we’ve tried to make it a point to do more activities outside.

2. What are 3 hidden gems you discovered so far during your local exploration? What recommendations do you have for those looking to explore your hometown? 

Local Exploration Spot: Montana

  • Yellowstone National Park. If you come to Bozeman, I’d highly recommend spending a day or two exploring Yellowstone

  • Different hikes around town. The mountains surrounding Bozeman make for some amazing hiking views. While you’re out on a lot of these trails, all you can hear and see is the nature around you, which is an awesome way to clear your head!

  • Beaverhead Adventures in Dillon, MT (near Butte). They will take you into the mountains and let you ride around for the day. The views you’ll see and the adventures you’ll have are incredible.

Need more resources? Check out She Travels’ resources: 


Tip #15Pack hand sanitizer and backup masks when you set out.

Tip #16: Find reviews on Yelp or Google to see what other people have encountered at a destination you want to visit.

That is a way to research the destinations you want to go to and see how they're handling the pandemic, so you're aware.

Tip #17: If you don't want to go too far, use Instagram, Pinterest, or blog posts to find what lovely things exist in your local area so you can get to know your hometown even better.

Recommended by Sam from Some Call Me Adventurous

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Local Exploration Spot: Pacific Northwest (Washington & Oregon)

1. What has been your experience exploring locally amidst the pandemic?

The pandemic has really made people aware of providing the much-needed space that didn't exist before with crowds gathering at different spots. More people are doing road trips, which allow them to stay with a small group, and then when arriving at a destination, I've definitely noticed people giving room for viewing and photos, which has been nice. Most outdoor places don't have a person count they keep to, which makes it easier to just get in the car and go. I don't wear a mask if I'm outdoors (and it's just my partner and me). However, once we see people approaching, we put the masks on and keep our six-foot distance. 

2. What are 3 hidden gems you discovered so far during your local exploration? What recommendations do you have for those looking to explore your hometown? 

Local Exploration Spot: Washington State

  • On one of the hottest days, I looked up lakes to visit for a swim and found Lake Cushman. It's a huge lake that is about 2 hours from Seattle with plenty of spots for getting in the water. It was the perfect day trip!

  • Diablo Lake is in the North Cascades and is also only 2 hours from Seattle. The turquoise water is so vibrant and the landscape is impossibly gorgeous! 

  • If the drive isn't too much, heading down to Oregon to visit West Union Gardens in Hillsboro is the best spot for sunflower field photography and berry picking. 

The Pacific Northwest has so many beautiful places to seek out, so you'll never be at a loss for things to do. There's nature everywhere you look. Therefore, Google some local hikes or drives and you'll be set! If you want to be super adventurous, you can just start driving and you'll be sure to find something. 

Need more resources? Check out Some Call Me Adventurous’ resources: 


Tip #18:  Explore your backyard. Most people who live in tourist cities have never even visited most tourist sites. 

How many New Yorkers do you think have visited the Statue of Liberty? With fewer crowds, visiting local sites will give you a new appreciation for them. Thousands of people visit these sites for a reason and in DC we are blessed with countless sites! The city even has amazing signage and free historic walking trails you can follow. 

Tip #19: When possible visit popular sites on a weekday.

From Monday-Wednesday, places are far more likely to have smaller crowds.

Tip #20: Respect public health guidelines.

Always carry your own mask and hand sanitizer.

Recommended by Cinnamon from On the Road with Cinn

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Local Exploration Spot: Washington, DC

1. What has been your experience exploring locally amidst the pandemic?

For weeks, if not months, I didn’t go anywhere my two feet couldn’t take me. Hence, I didn’t experience a lot of the changes that were implemented at first when our reopening began. Having been out a bit more now, I see businesses have taken every precaution possible to ensure the safety of their employees and guests, with required face masks, social distancing setups, increased cleaning, making hand sanitizer available, etc. 

I have found that throughout the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia), the vast majority of people have been respectful about wearing masks and following the rules. In DC, you are now required to wear a mask in all public spaces!

2. What are 3 hidden gems you discovered so far during your local exploration? What recommendations do you have for those looking to explore your hometown? 

Local Exploration Spot: Washington, DC

I think the beauty of living in D.C. is that you can enjoy all that the DMV has to offer. This means that you can enjoy the beauty of the national monuments at sunset, get lost in historic neighborhoods such as Shaw or Georgetown, and within an hour, you can drive to national parks, vineyards, sunflower fields, waterfalls, and more. I’ve lived in DC for five years and I still have been able to discover tons of new places!

  1. Theodore Roosevelt Island provides the perfect city escape WITHIN the city. With 2.5 miles of foot trails surrounded by nature, you’ll immediately forget that you’re in the nation's capital. You can easily access it by foot, crossing Key bridge, by car (there is some parking), or even by kayak from across the Potomac. This is a FREE beautiful escape to enjoy some sunshine and Mother Nature!

  2. Old Town Virginia is one of the best spots to explore for the day. Stroll along the charming historic streets and you might think you’re in England if it weren’t for the US flags hanging on every other house. Old Town has great restaurants, beautiful artwork, and a relaxing waterfront. Make sure to check out the Promenade Classique to see a miniature version of the Washington Monument.

  3. The U Street Heritage Trail has been my best city discovery. There are signs all around my neighborhood with historic images but with the bustle of city life that I rarely stopped to read them. Being forced to slow down, I started taking neighborhood walks and discovered that the signs make up a proper trail and historic walking tour. The first sign is located at 13th and U Streets, NW, near the U Street Metro stop.

Day trip recommendations:

  1. Shenandoah Valley 

  2. Harper’s Ferry 

  3. Visit one of the dozens of vineyards Maryland and Virginia have to offer. Some personal favorites: Stone Tower, Rockland Farms, and Breaux vineyards 

Best hidden parks: 

  1. The Bishop’s Garden 

  2. Arboretum 

  3. Supreme Court Gardens

Need more resources? Check out On the Road with Cinn  resources: 


Tip #21:  Bring your own food while sticking to the outdoors.

My daughter and friends rented a cabin in Gatlinburg a few weeks ago.

They took their own food and had a blast.

Recommended by Jakki from Life’s a Compass

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Local Exploration Spot: Charleston, SC

1. What has been your experience exploring locally amidst the pandemic?

I have always enjoyed being a tourist in my town prior to the pandemic. Charleston has lots of patios and rooftops. Therefore, it’s easy to social distance. Masks are required and starting next week, people will be ticketed for not following the rules. A $150 fine goes into effect this Monday. People here are following social distancing and wearing masks.  Indoor seating is available, but I stick with outdoor venues. I’ve enjoyed the beach, winery, and the breweries since the pandemic. In addition, I’ll be going to an outdoor concert next month.

2. What are 3 hidden gems you discovered so far during your local exploration? What recommendations do you have for those looking to explore your hometown? 

Local Exploration Spot: Charleston, SC

Charleston has so much to offer! We have LOTS of history, beaches, food, and culture. We are close enough to Savannah that I would suggest an overnight.

  • I have found a beautiful park (Hampton Park) near The Citadel. 

  • I love history! People need to know where they came from to move forward. Charleston was a large port when slaves were bought and sold. Slave blocks can still be seen around the city. Check out the Slave Mart Museum (where slaves were sold). Also, check out Boone Hall or the Magnolia Garden Plantations (slave quarters/cotton fields)

  • Isle of Palms or Kiawah Beachwalker Park if you are looking for a beach vibe. 

Need more resources? Check out Life’s a Compass’ resources: 


Tip #22: Do your research! 

Research what the COVID-19 cases look like in the area that you are interested in exploring. Understand what the quarantine or COVID-test requirements are pre & post-travel. Research what there is to do and what is open- do you need to make reservations? How easy is social distancing in this city? Are there a lot of options for outdoor dining or adventures such as hiking or swimming? 

Tip #23: Don't be a spreader, even if unknowingly! 

Get tested if you think you've been exposed and/or postpone or cancel your trip if you feel sick, even if your case is mild. You don't want to be a spreader to someone who may be more susceptible. Stay home if you are sick & wear a mask! 

Tip #24:  Leverage IG!

I've been finding so many gems by looking at what others are doing! So many people have been rediscovering the outdoors, new restaurants, new areas, and posting about them. I've either been able to go and experience these things for myself or find a similar activity that is close to me! An example: the lavender farms near me hadn't fully bloomed. However, I was able to find a beautiful flower field right outside of Boston, Parlee Farms, to replicate a similar experience! For people looking to come to New England, be mindful of the season. The summers & falls can be beautiful in this area, while the winters are brutal and spring sometimes nonexistent! New England has beautiful beaches, scenic hikes, delicious seafood, and quite a few surprises such as walking history tours, vineyards, beer gardens & flower fields/farms-be open to trying something new! A few IG pages that I love for referencing all things to do in Boston (& surrounding areas) aside from my own (@fitflyflournoy) is @nailthecocktail@thefoodlens, @blackownedbos, and @onlyinbos, in addition to searching #boston, #visitboston, #exploreboston, and #explorenewengland.

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Local Exploration Spot: Boston, MA 

1. What has been your experience exploring locally amidst the pandemic?

My experience traveling locally, in the midst of COVID-19 has been an overall positive one. Most people that I have encountered are wearing masks and respecting social distancing, especially in Boston, MA, and Newport, RI. All of the establishments that I've frequented have required you to wear a mask, at least upon entrance and a few have taken temperatures and have COVID-specific questions, which makes me feel more comfortable about exploring. I've also been focusing all of my travels on outdoor adventures or dining!

Where I have been running into problems is with establishments, beaches, restaurants, etc. running at reduced capacity in order to accommodate for social distancing. Some places are running at as low as 30% capacity, so places are usually maxed out or have really long waiting lists. Doing research helps to set most expectations, being able to make reservations or plan ahead where possible. However, I've found a few times that businesses aren't always able to keep their website up to date to reflect these capacity changes due to COVID. While in Maine, I was not able to kayak because all of the companies within 30 miles of me were booked. Their websites did not indicate this and I was not suggested to make reservations when I called a few places prior to arriving. Although we were able to pivot our plans we were still disappointed. This also happened with restaurants, but I've learned to now have a plan B, C & D! 

2. What are 3 hidden gems you discovered so far during your local exploration? What recommendations do you have for those looking to explore your hometown? 

Local Exploration Spot: Boston, MA

  • Blue Hills Reservation for swimming, hiking & fishing right outside of Boston, MA!

  • Newport Vineyard: Even though the vineyard is closed for exploration of the vines, you are still able to taste and take a few pictures, right near Newport, RI!

  • White Mountain Forest in Maine for more hiking, swimming & exploration! There are also so many good food options right around the mountain range! 

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Tip #25: Choose outdoor places that require advance reservations.

From my experience, places that require advance reservations do a much better job with social distancing because they establish a limit to the number of people that can enter at one time. It also means that you do not have to wait to be serviced -- you will be accommodated immediately or accommodated before others who have no reservations. For example, the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens require people to reserve ahead of time for a specific time slot and entrance to enter. They are operating at a much lower capacity as it was MUCH emptier than normal!  Similarly, my winery experience in Brooklyn was very different compared to Long Island because you had to reserve for one of the six-time slots within a half-hour slot, which represents the number of tables they have set up socially distanced. It was a very calm and safe experience! Many businesses not requiring reservations are trying to get as many customers as possible, so they are not as concerned about adhering to CDC guidelines.

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Local Exploration Spot: New York State

1. What has been your experience exploring locally amidst the pandemic?

It literally took me months before I got the courage to venture outside again. I could count how many times I stepped outside between March and June. When July arrived, I decided that Summer and Fall 2020 will be the seasons of local explorations and daycations, especially since I live in one of the most visited cities in the world with over 60 million tourists. However, it has been a LONG time since I have intentionally explored NYC. I have spent the last few years engaging in brunches, dinner outings, and happy hours with friends. However, most of my travel has been in other states and countries. 

Therefore, this is a perfect time for me to explore and take advantage of the lesser crowds due to fewer tourists and people fleeing the city. I ain’t mad! Overall, my experience has been pleasant. I am careful to choose all outdoor activities, wear a mask, and go out with a select few (mainly my fiance and my mom, but slowly building to adding some friends to this bubble). 

The level of crowds has varied depending on the location. For example, open areas such as Domino Park in Williamsburg or Coney Island had lots of people. Therefore, it was more difficult to find a spot not surrounded by people. However, the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens (which requires advance ticketing to enter) was empty and peaceful. Most people are wearing masks at these locations EXCEPT when dining. This is why I am very nervous about outdoor dining and have only been to a restaurant twice so far. Both times, I did a lot of research about the restaurants and chose locations that require reservation AND have a big space for outdoor dining. Unfortunately, because space is limited in NYC, many restaurants do not have tables 6 feet, which is a problem because people must take off masks to eat. 

2. What are 3 hidden gems you discovered so far during your local exploration? What recommendations do you have for those looking to explore your hometown? 

Local Exploration Spot: New York State 

  • North Fork, Long Island: This is a gem - perfect for a day trip from NYC! The North Fork is currently home to 40 wineries and 3,000 acres of planted vineyards. They also have a galore of flower fields and family farms with fresh fruit and homemade ice cream. I have a whole post on this! 

  • Williamsburg, Brooklyn: I highly recommend checking out Domino Park & the Williamsburg Bridge. Both offer great views of the city! Near Domino Park, there are food trucks that are perfect for a picnic and street art to admire and take pictures with. A walk across the Williamsburg Bridge is perfect for an evening activity. If you walk from Williamsburg to Manhattan, you will end up on the Lower East Side. From here, you can access Chinatown and Little Italy, both of which have lots of great spots to eat! 

  • Red Hook Winery: This is the ultimate hidden gem as every person I have spoken to does not realize Brooklyn has wineries. Urban wineries are a thing! I have only been to this location so far. However, I hope to go to more in the future. Red Hook Winery is a gem for so many reasons -- the views, the service, and carefulness in following CDC guidelines. 

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Now let’s make sure your “road tripping, staycating, daycating, make-your-own-country-look-like-it’s-foreign” year is the best as it can be! 


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