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Mi·cro - ca·tion Queen

[ˈmīkrō- kāSH(ə)n] [kwēn]

A melanated female who travels swiftly by taking vacations that last fewer than 5 nights, domestically or internationally;

also known as a swift traveler; maximized traveler; fast traveler; quick paced traveler

Read travel stories & tips through the lens of an 

unapologetic, black, plus-size traveler

who SAVES money and TRAVELS frequently!

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5 continents

28 countries & territories

35 states

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December 2019

New Orleans, Louisiana

February 2020


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Stay Tuned! 

About Me

Part-time traveler and full-time nationally award-winning educator. My passion for travel led me to start my travel blog so I could share the stories of my adventures and tips I have learned along the way as I conquer at least two new countries and two new states a year to reach 50 states & 50 countries by age 50.


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