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Super Seven Things to do in New Jersey

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

New Jersey (aka the "Dirty Jerse") is that next door neighbor that gets a bad rep for uncontrollable reasons. Outshined by New York City, it is often the state that is driven through to get to further states.

I have frequented #NewJersey so many times that it has become second nature to me. Sitting down to write this blog post, I had to really think about the places that draw me here. I leave you with the super seven places that I came up with.

1. Six Flags Great Adventure

Six Flags has continuously brought me to Jersey since my college years! Although it is about a two hour drive from New York City, it is the largest amusement park we have in such proximity. This particular location also has a safari park that I have never ventured into.

As with any amusement park, #SixFlagsGreatAdventure provides you with the space for a glorious, bonding day with family and/or friends filled with thrill rides, funnel cake and good, clean fun! There is something for all ages, whether you are a five year old wanting to ride the carousel or a 35 year old wanting to ride Nitro. If you are really daring, ride Zumanjaro: the tallest and fastest drop ride in the world, lifting riders up 415 feet in the air and then rocketing back down at 90 miles per hour.

The best part about Six Flags is that it is not just about games. For example, leading up to Halloween, they host Fright Fest, an event where workers dress up in scary characters to spook you out. One time, I was literally chased for a good minute across the park. Great times! In the summer, there is also a concert series. In fact, I was actually able to jam to Soca artist Machel Montano - live! What great way to end the day!

 Check out the concert he put on here:

2. Atlantic City

Atlantic City is a hot spot for gambling on the East Coast. However, besides casinos, there is a boardwalk for those that want to lay out on the beach or get on some rides at the mini amusement park. Looking for a good turn up at night? Check out the many concerts that are hosted in its clubs!

Although I have only been to #AtlanticCity once (to check out their casinos and boardwalk), I would like to return for a fuller experience.

3. Wildwoods

I believe I checked #Wildwoods out with a friend, last Memorial Day weekend!

Whether you are a young adult looking to have a good spring break or are a family looking to spend some quality time, it is certainly a major summer attraction.

While I was in Wildwoods, I did a lot of browsing. My friend and I snuck into the convention center to watch part of a dance competition.  We also hopped on the ferris wheel, which provided some great views and of course, we had some funnel cake! Yummy!

4. Cape May

When venturing to Wildwood, our first stop was #CapeMay. Cape May is known to be a very peaceful part of New Jersey. Just imagine calm waters with lots of yachts! I only stayed here for a few hours. However, being able to eat lunch outside with such views was the perfect relaxation I needed as another school year winded down.

5. Diner Experience

Jersey is known to be the epicenter of diners. No, really though. It is known as the "Diner Capital of the World." That is probably because there are 525 diners located in New Jersey alone (I googled this for my random curiosity and to prove my point!).

Despite most diners feeling the same, the quality of food varies greatly. I realized that the hard way! Although I have not been to numerous diners in NJ, Tops Diner in East Newark is top notch and definitely worth checking out!

Tops Diner, the pride of East Newark (Alex Remnick/The Star-Ledger)

6. Liberty Science Center

To be honest, I have not been here in a good minute. However, from my childhood memories, it is an awestruck place to be. Because it is an interactive science center located in Liberty State Park, this means that it is in close proximity to New York City. There are lots of hands-on exhibits that will capture anyone's attention for hours. Interestingly, the center feels more epic because of the dome theater. In fact, I think this was one of my first tastes of an IMAX theater. I am long overdue for a visit!


I have been to the #NJPAC on two occasions. The first occasion was as a cute eight year old seeking to see Youngstown in a concert advertised by Radio Disney. Let’s not get into my energized self as I was quickly let down because they did not show up to perform :-/. Twenty years later and I still remember that! (salty much?)

My second time here was a memorable experience to say the least. Black Girls Rock did rock my socks off! To be in the same room with many black female greats such as Michelle Obama, Cicely Tyson, Jada Pinkett Smith and Ava Duvernay still remains a highlight in my life! For parts of the show, I was able to be front and center and rows away from the stage. It was the night where I felt truly inspired for my calling in education and confidence in all aspects of my #blackgirlmagic #blackgirlsrock

This place is also known to host many concerts, especially with throwback artists such as R. Kelly and Dru Hill. I definitely would love to return here just for a concert!

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What are your favorite things to do in New Jersey?

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