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Let's Taco About It: Best Food Spots in San Diego

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Although San Diego is a great food city, they are especially known for their seafood and tacos (and in many cases, the two are blended together). San Diego is also unique in that many places are super casual: you order, get a number, and choose a table to sit at until your number is called. It allows for eating food to be a more relaxing experience. My main focus was trying different tacos (though I barely covered the surface). However, I got the opportunity to try other things too. Here are some ideas for you if you plan to check out #SanDiego anytime soon.


1. Richard Walker Pancake House

Looking for a good #breakfast spot in between my hotel and the San Diego convention center, I ended up at the Richard Walker Pancake House. I was attracted to this spot because their website advertised 8 different Belgian Waffle flavors and 25 different #pancake flavors. Who does not love a good pancake or #waffle? The food was so good that I went to this restaurant, twice!

Their baked pancake, specifically the baked pecan flavor with cinnamon glaze, was life changing. I had never tasted a pancake that was so good! It's crispy goodness is coated with sugar and has a fluffy center.  Although it takes 20 minutes to bake, it is WORTH the wait. Trust me!!!!

TIP: Arrive before 8:30 AM to avoid the long lines for breakfast.



1. iDessert

I tried #iDessert out after a recommendation that I received on social media. This place is the epitome of extravagance for desserts! I did not know what I got myself into until I got to the iPad and had to make so many decisions around what my dessert would look like. I was given the option of selecting a crust, gelato, cream flavored cake, sauce and toppings. I went all out and selected the Vegas Bowl, which essentially came with a smoke effect. This is a massive #dessert that provides a cool, instagrammable experience.

TIP: One thing to be aware of is that you need to go during a time that you are not in a rush. They have very slow customer service, especially when they have a lot of customers.

2. Bobboi Natural Gelato

La Jolla is complete beach vibes and this place compliments those vibes so well. Looking for a tasty treat after strolling the area, my internet search led me here. I knew it had to be good when online reviews gave it a 5-star rating! This makes a great afternoon treat, made with fresh ingredients. I chose #bloodorange and #saltedcaramel #gelato flavors. My taste buds were tingling for different reasons: the salted caramel was rich and balanced in flavor while the blood orange was so fresh!

TIP: The line is long, but it moves fast. If you are coming from the La Jolla caves, then you have a steep climb to make it to this spot. However, it is worth it!




1. Taco El Cabron

#TacoElCabron was my first taste of San Diego tacos and it was really good. The #tortillas are homemade and the ingredients are fresh. Located in a convenient spot by the #GasLamp area, I would also recommend trying their warm #churros.

TIP: This is a good place to check out for lunch considering many of the spots in the area are packed or slow in service. I would not say this is fast food service, but it is as fast as it gets considering they make each taco from scratch.

2. Oscar Seafood (2:30-5:30pm) for $1 fish tacos

This was my second exposure to San Diego tacos, but my first exposure to the famous fish tacos. This place provides the two things that you would want into a #taco: tasty fish while being cheap in price. It does not get any cheaper than $1 per taco. Though I rushed to get there for the happy hour price, this location ended up giving $1 tacos all evening. The fish was substantial and the ingredients were super fresh. I really loved the lime, cilantro sauce.

TIP #1: I recommend asking for avocado on top of your taco. They only charged me $1 extra to put avocado slices on top of all the tacos.

TIP #2: I would recommend going to the Gas Lamp location as it is a bigger space and is not crowded at all.

3. Salud

This was absolutely the best taco spot that I had been to in San Diego. It is no wonder there was always a line at #Salud. Everything about this place was amazing: the ambiance, the art work, but most importantly, the food. The tacos are made with fresh tortillas from the heart and soul of a middle-aged woman. Every taco is made to order from scratch! My mouth is watering as I think about the #corntortilla tacos I had from there. They also have an amazing dessert: churros with #icecream. the churros are so warm and filled with caramel. The ice cream is rich and soft. Thank me later!

TIP #1: Do not get turned away by the long line as it moves very quickly.

TIP #2: I would recommend heading to Salud in #BarrioLogan area and then walk a few blocks to check out the surrounding colorful murals



1. Mitch’s Seafood

When in San Diego, you must eat #freshseafood. Mitch's Seafood is a great spot because you get fresh, plentiful seafood for a decent price while getting views by the water. If you buy the #seafoodplatter like I did, you can definitely split it among 2-3 people (and everyone will be full).

TIP: #MitchsSeafood was not easy to find. It is on the marina, behind the Point Loma Sportfishing shop.

2.Phil’s BBQ

This is a spot that many people have raved about as good #BBQ. However, I would say that the BBQ is decent, but definitely not the best I have had. However, considering San Diego is not a BBQ centered city, #PhilsBBQ definitely worth trying!

TIP: Go close to closing when there is no line. Otherwise, you may be stuck on a line for 2+ hours that wraps around the restaurant and goes across the street.


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What are your favorite food spots in San Diego, California? Comment below!



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