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How to Enjoy Chicago for FREE.99

Chicago is America's second city for very good reason. While I was there I BARELY scratched the surface but fell in love with it nonetheless. I visit there during my novice traveling days. This meant I did not maximize my time as well as I could have because I did not do my research before arriving. I depended completely on people's suggestion or just walking around bumping into something, although that is not always a bad thing. It also means the quality of my photos during my was trip due to my less experienced photo taking skills and my lesser quality camera (although that camera held me down at the time!)

Chicago remains to be one of my favorite cities up to date. I hope to one day return during the summer time to enjoy the plethora of festivals it has to offer. Till then, lets take a trip down memory lane of some of my favorite FREE.99 #thingstodo in #Chicago that helped me fall in love with this great city:

1. Photo-Op at Millennium Park

Millennium Park is home to the famous "Bean" structure.  You cannot claim that you have been to Chicago without seeing it!  This park is a perfect place to to snag some selfies of your reflection on the structure or take a picture of the gorgeous skyline. In the summertime, there are tons of concerts and festivals that are hosted here.

2. Taking a stroll around the Chicago River 

Looking for a scenic stroll? The Chicago River is the place to go! This is where you can get the best pictures of Chicago's skyline as you can sense the skyscrapers right in your face! If you don't believe me, check out these photos.

3. Walking along Magnificent Mile

If you are a shopaholic and are looking to spend lots of money, come here! There are several luxury hotels, high-end restaurants and high quality department stores here! However, if you are like me and love to window shop because it is FREE.99, check out these places as well. This section of Michigan Avenue – which stretches between Lake Shore Drive and the Chicago River -- is great to stroll through because the streets are much wider and cleaner than in New York. As you walk along, you will also spot the famous Chicago Theater.

4. Art Institute of Chicago   *if  you are an Illinois resident

If you are an Illinois resident, you can check this spot out for free! Because I tagged along with my friend who was an Illinois resident at the time, I do not recall paying for anything. The Art Institute contains an expansive array of artwork from around the world; making it difficult to see everything in one visit.

#DidYouKnow this museum is one of the oldest and largest art museums in the United States, (founded in 1879)?

5. Take in breathtaking views from Signature Room & Lounge

People typically check out either the Willis Sears Tower Skydeck or the John Hancock Observatory for awesome views of the #ChicagoSkyline. However, why pay $20+ dollars when you can get very similar views for free from the Signature Room & Lounge?  If you do not want to purchase a drink, but really want to take advantage of the free view, just head to the bathroom of this lounge. Trust me-- the view is on point!

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What are your favorite things to do in Chicago?

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