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Delaware, De-la-where to eat & turn up?

Downtown Wilmington is VERY small. As a result, the amount of #food options available to explore is limited. Most eateries are along North Market Street, which has its fare share of bars, #restaurants, and chains. If you are looking for #placestoeat that is not part of a chain, you must check out these spots!

DISCLAIMER: I have only explored Downtown #Wilmington for food.

1. Market Street Bread & Bagel (Bakery & Cafe)


Looking for fresh sandwiches and great customer service? This IS the spot to go! I discovered this place as I was desperately searching for a local lunch spot that was not Jimmy John's, Qdoba or a bar. They have tasty grilled cheese sandwiches and soups as well as a selection of desserts. The bread is always fresh and you will always find tasty dessert samples to try!

NOTE: They are open for breakfast and lunch hours only!

2. Tonic Grille

On my first full day in Delaware, I checked this place out with the ladies in my conference group. This is a chill, laid-back place to have lunch. A plus is their pretty big burgers and amazing drinks! Since we came here in the fall, their signature cocktail was an apple cider sangria. Yum! I did not check out this place at night, but I was told that the turn up is real in the late night hours. By late night, I mean before 2 AM as nightlife shuts down by then.

3. Ernest & Scott

On the both occasions I ate here, it was for an end of conference #dinner. Hence, my meal was free. However, the dinners were tasty both times (I had the steak on one occasion and salmon on the other occasion). I would eat there again!

If you are looking for a good turn up on a Saturday night, this is the place to go. The first night I was here, my conference crew and I crashed a birthday party being hosted there. One of the DJs was a fellow educator like us--an assistant principal, actually. There were two bar owners from Philly who even bought us shots. Better yet, we freeloaded off the birthday cake--HAHAHA!!!

The second time we returned, we stayed for "Salsa Night." In reality, it was top 40 music sprinkled with some reggaeton. There were definitely some creeps this time, one who even took his shirt off--UMMM. A white drunk male was even thrown out by security guards in suits!

NOTE: If you are not interested in a small party scene, many people often take the 20-minute drive to Philly!

4. Harry Seafood Grill

Two coworkers and I went here to have a fancy Friday dinner. Again, my advanced Google searching did not fail us.

This place did not disappoint! The grilled oysters were delectable, especially due to its delicious coating and the cocktails were on point. The service was impeccable as the waitress really tried to recommend things based on your taste preference. Although the food is on the pricier side, it is well worth it! Even the desserts will not disappoint!

5. DiMeo's Pizza

This place was discovered because it was one of the  few places open past 7PM on a Wednesday evening  in Downtown Wilmington when I first arrived for my leadership conference. It is not the best Italian food by any means but it definitely hit the spot. They serve large portions, as the lasagna I ordered to go was HUGE. 

Aside from the food, the people who work there are genuine. They would easily strike a conversation with you, which is how I discovered about the Price is Right taping in Delaware. What intrigued me the most was the long rooted history of the restaurant in Wilmington. You definitely feel the family vibe here!

6. Evelyn's Soul Food

I discovered this place as I was in desperate need of something different. When this popped up on Google, I knew I had to try it out as I LOVE soul food and Delaware is considered to be a part of the South. I actually trekked during a mini snow storm to make it there. It was located on the other side of North Market Street, a place most people typically do not venture. I did not feel unsafe; it was just an empty area that is hidden by a turn of the street near a church. This hidden treasure was delicious. You know it is good when all the locals are hitting up the spot. Some of the food was on the saltier side, but it was counteracted by the sweet yams. The portion was so plentiful I had enough to eat two full meals! No regrets!

7. La Fia Bistro

If you are looking for fine dining, this is definitely a place to check out. It is a great place if you want to order lots of different options and share with friends or if you want to indulge in some rich food. Coming here with coworkers, I was able to get a little bit of everything. My favorite items from the menu were: tellicherry peppercorn filet mignon, caramelized brussels sprout with applewood smoked bacon, and bugati ricati pasta. There was also a bread pudding dessert that was sooooo good. I do not want to fail to mention that their cocktails are on point! In fact, literally ordered three Red Samurai cocktails.

!!! PIN IT !!!

What are some of your favorite places to eat and turn up in Delaware or neighboring states? Comment below!



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