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14 Essential Tips to Successfully Travel with Bae

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

When you hear baecation, what comes to mind? Being with the person you love the most in a new international location? Endless cuddles and romance? Getting to know each other on a new level? Creating memories?

Don’t get me wrong, it is all of that! However, baecations are not all love and cuddles. They require work in order to be a success! A baecation can be the best trip ever or turn sour and become the worst trip. I am writing this post so that you are equipped with the proper tips for you to have a successful baecation -- whether it is your first time or your 10th time, this is for you!

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12 Traveling couples who frequently travel with their bae!

BONUS: Top tips from My Bae & I at the end of this article!

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Tip #1: Start off with shorter trips first.

I traveled with him three times before we moved in together and I used our travels as a way to get a preview of what things would be like on a smaller scale when we moved in. You see certain habits and patterns when traveling together. In general, patience is also tested when on any vacation. You also get to see how they handle things when unexpected situations on a trip arise. Honestly, that can tell you a great deal!

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Tip #2: Have balance.

Plan activities that each person likes to do. She likes museums, he likes ATVs. Do both!

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Tip #3: Discuss the purpose of the trip in advance.

The whole point is not for the trip to go YOUR way, but to go BOTH ways. Also, identify what brings each other joy and plan a trip together that can accommodate both of your needs and wants. Learn to compromise.

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Tip #4: Go into it open minded and ready to take anything on TOGETHER.

Don't do yourself a disservice by going into it arrogantly or naive. Traveling is a team building exercise that's very unique. No matter how long you've been together, if you haven't traveled together before, don't assume that you'll work through anything and everything. For us, we learned that as long as we're both well rested and fed, fights are at bay.”

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Tip #5: Know your roles.

For me, knowing your role is like letting your partner excel at what they are best in. Travis is the calm one and helps me keep a cool head when things aren’t going according to plan. I’m the planner, so Travis lets me research and plan our trips. We both give our input and opinions where we feel they best serve, but we let each other shine at what we are best at in order to help make traveling smooth.

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Tip #6: Consider what you both enjoy.

Adventure for me and chilling for him - our trips are 50/50

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Tip #7: Try to find time to be romantic.

A vacation with kids may sound very unromantic. BUT, it does not mean you can't keep that fire burning! Find a hotel or rental that has multiple rooms or an area that is secluded for alone time. This may sound expensive, but we either splurge once a year, use our hotel loyalty points for upgrades, or find a rental property. Traveling with kids can still be romantic; it just takes creativity and a little more planning.

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Tip #8: Have planned alone time.

Sounds counterproductive to a baecation - I know! Inevitably, you and your partner have different hobbies and different interests. For example, at resorts, I love getting massages while my husband would rather relax at a pool bar. We always know there will be times where we do our own thing. By planning some alone time, each partner gets exactly what they want from the vacation without feeling guilty. (Of course, you’ll spend most of the time together but try allocating just an hour to do what you want.)

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Tip #9: Make Sure You Agree on the Pace of the Trip

For new couples or people traveling together for the first time, this is definitely a must. Everyone has their idea of what a great vacation is and how they enjoy it best. The pace of the trip needs to be communicated before the trip. Keep in mind that not everyone is going to be exactly the same. Perhaps you can find a happy medium on the pace and stick to it? Maybe one day can be bright and early while the next one is more relaxed if both people want different things from the trip.

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Tip #10: Be open to the way the other person travels!

Compromise on what each person wants to do. We compromise in our scheduling. We took turns in selecting activities which worked for us. For example, The Safari in South Africa was my idea and P initially had no interest. He ended up loving it more than me in some instances.

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BONUS Tips from Bae & I

Tip #11: Understand each other’s needs and interests.

When traveling, it is important to understand each other’s needs and interests. Whereas Princess likes exploring, I like to rest and relax. However, in understanding each other’s needs and interests, it is also important to COMMUNICATE as it helps to prevent misunderstandings later on. In addition, through communication, the couple is able to COMPROMISE. Through compromise, therefore, the couple is able to experience a blend of each other’s interests and who knows if through these activities, you will do something that you BOTH come to love?? The overall goal when traveling with your significant other is to not only have memorable experiences, but grow together as well.

Tip #12: Don't hold on to quarrels and grudges

With that being said, always be sure to go to sleep every night by telling your significant other that you love them. You both may have had a very hard day, but, life is too short to hold on to quarrels and grudges. As such, this simple gesture shows that life happens, but no matter the situation or place, you love the person through it all! 

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Tip #13: Scaffold traveling.

In the same way that I scaffold concepts for students, I would scaffold traveling with bae. Whether your bae is used to traveling or not, when you start a relationship, you are not used to traveling with each other. Bae and I are both educators, and so I took this very approach. In our case, I was used to frequently traveling -- at that point I had traveled to 10 countries and 24 states. Bae, on the other hand, had only traveled to Dominican Republic (his family’s homeland) and a handful of states.

For me, travel was a test of how we would be in the long run -- you get to see each other’s habits, how we each react in unexpected situations, and how we “live” together. I started off with us having a weekend staycation in the city a few months into the relationship. Then, the next month we had a long weekend getaway in Philly. A couple of months later, we took our first international baecation in Portugal for 10 days. Imagine if we just leaped straight to an international baecation -- that could have been extra risky!

Tip #14: State your priorities from the very beginning.

I remember that on our first date, I dropped the topic about travels. “Where have you traveled?” “Have you been out of the country?” “Do you have a passport?” “ Are you open to traveling or are you open to me traveling?” I didn’t ask these questions like an interrogation, but I was definitely inquiring. I think it is important to bring this up as you don’t want a surprise if traveling is a non-negotiable. If you want to travel and your partner hates traveling, it may not work out in the long run and may be a source of lots of conflicts. Ideally, I wanted to have a partner who was willing to travel with me or in the worst case scenario, a partner that would allow me to travel solo. Fortunately, both are the case!

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What is your top tip for traveling with bae?

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For new couples or people traveling together for the first time, this is definitely a must. Everyone has their idea of what a great vacation is and how they enjoy it best. The pace of the trip needs to be communicated before the trip. Keep in mind that not everyone is going to be exactly the same. Perhaps you can find a happy medium on the pace and stick to it? Maybe one day can be bright and early while the next one is more relaxed if both people want different things from the trip.

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