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Phuket as the Caribbean of Asia

When I arrived to #Phuket (after several days of culturally exploring #Thailand), I finally felt that the relaxation that should occur at some point during every vacation, finally began! From my view through the tiny airplane window, I knew Phuket would provide me the island vibes I needed.  As you exit the tiny Phuketwan airport, you are hit with a burst of hot, Caribbean-like air. Reality check: I am 8,000 miles away


Our first stop was at a restaurant by the water. This put me in the right place as the waterfront backdrop gave me life while I sipped on a tropical drink and chowed down on what was one of the best meals I had had while in Thailand.

As if that was not enough, my hotel balcony gave me panoramic views of Phuket with #Patongbeach to my left and hills filled with colorful buildings to my right. This particular hotel is considered to be the tallest in the city, and thankfully, I was situated on a high enough floor to enjoy these views for a few days.


Places worth checking out:

Patong Beach:

On our first day in Phuket,  I insisted on going to the beach.  My friends and I were able to enjoy the sunset before it started to downpour, which led us to into a store before we could wave down a tuk tuk in order to take us back to the hotel. However, our hour at the beach was well worth it!

After drying off, I rushed to my hotel's rooftop lounge to experience the rest of the sunset views while enjoying a 2 for 1 drink special. The views surely did not disappoint!

Bangla Road:

Phuket is a very touristic area. One street in particular, #BanglaRoad, reminded me of Bourbon Street in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. Most people are super drunk, explaining the cast of characters that you find as you walk around. As you pass the bars, you also see girls dancing on stripper poles. There is also a multitude of advertisements for "ping pong" shows, which involves people using their genital areas to move around and play with objects. Whatever sparks your interest.

Phi Phi Island:

Part of what draws so many tourists to Phuket is that it is the connecting port to get to many of the remote islands that Thailand is known for. On my trip, we went to #KoPhiPhi Island (the Ph in Thai is pronounced as a P). So yes, it sounds like you are saying pee pee. To get to Phi Phi, we had to drive for almost an hour to get to the dock and then took a ferry for nearly 3 hours. To return, we had to hop on a small wooden motorized canoe to then dangerously step onto a larger ferry before catching the bus.

On your ride, you WILL be in awe with the views of the Indian Ocean, particularly the massive rock formations you come across. In the deep parts of the ocean, you will see water with a dark shade of blue, something that I had never seen before. Once you get to the island, the water is really green, warm and clean; adding to the very relaxing tone that is encountered upon arriving. Talk about blessings!

It is worth experiencing Phi Phi Island at least once. Although considering the length of time it takes to get to Thailand and the length of time it takes to get there from Phuket, I am not sure if I will be visiting any time soon. However, if you are able to, I would suggest that you try to visit multiple islands.

It is best to experience the island life of Thailand towards the end of your trip so that you can wind down and recover from your prior days of long flights, jet lag, and cultural excursions. Why wouldn't you love this?


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What is the most remote island you have experienced?

In your travels, which island has left you most in awe?

Comment below!



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