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Exploring Baños through Art

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Based on my previous post, Baños is clearly known for its waterfalls. It is also known for something else...

Can you tell by this picture? If you guessed #streetart, then you are right.  When you walk through the streets of #Baños, you feel a rough edge, but in a good way. Rather than feeling located in Ecuador amidst miles of miles of greenery, waterfalls and churches, Baños feels like a legit urban city. The #graffiti depicts cartoons using bright colors that compliment each other. I am unsure how this trend of graffiti art began, but here are some samples that I am referring to.

In addition to graffiti art, it is easy to notice the types of hand carved #woodenart dispersed throughout the city, whether it is at church or a park.

Baños is also known for producing carved jewelry using a tagua seed. Here is an example of how it is done. #Tagua has the color, texture, and brightness of animal ivory and is a seed from the palm tree family. When carved using a machine, the shavings feel like shredded paper.

Here is a video of the process: 

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Which places have you seen some of the best street art? Comment below!



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