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18 Anti-Racist Social Media Accounts That Are Worth Following for Different Allies

“In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist.” — Angela Davis

Now that you are inspired by the “Dear Travelers, You can Decolonize Travel Too” post to take active steps that goes beyond performative allyship, where do we go from here? 

If you are looking for groups to join supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement (Official IG Handle: @blklivesmatter) or decolonizing travel, check out the following below for different racial groups. I made sure to link an example of a resource each account provides!

For White Allies


White Ally Resource creates resources for white ally education

Connect on Instagram: @whiteallyresource


White Ally Toolkit is created to move the needle on racism by encouraging, empowering, and equipping white anti-racism allies to have more honest and productive conversations about race and racism.

Connect on Instagram: @whiteallytoolkit

Connect with White Ally Toolkit: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube


White Nonsense Roundup was created by white people, for white people in order to address our inherently racist society by providing resources to call out white friends, relatives, contacts, speakers, and authors who are contributing to structural racism and harming our friends of color

Connect on Instagram: @whitenonsenseroundup

Connect with White Nonsense Roundup: Facebook | Twitter


For Latinx Allies


Latino World Travelers empower Latinos to travel the world, break barriers, and change the face of travel. Recently, they hosted a dialogue between Black Americans and Latinos on allyship during the Black Lives Matter movement

Connect on Instagram: @latinoworldtravelers)

Connect with Latino World Travelers: Facebook | YouTube


The Afro Latin Diaspora  is decolonizing & redefining the narrative of AfroLatinidad within the African Diaspora

Connect on Instagram: @theafrolatindiaspora


Incultured Co. curates unique experiences, facilitates intimate gatherings, and designs educational tools and resources to deconstruct the divisions that have defined the diaspora, especially between Haitian and Dominicans

Connect on Instagram: @inculturedco

Connect with Incultured Co: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube


AfroLatino Travel curates tours centering on Black history, legacy, spirituality, politics & contemporary life in Latin America/Caribbean

Connect on Instagram: @afrolatinotravel

Connect with Afro Latino Travel: Facebook


For Indigenous Allies


Natives for BLM was created for Indigenous people to be in solidarity for Black Lives Matter

Connect on Instagram: @nativesforblm


Natives for Black Lives was created to spread awareness and stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter to help fight oppression and hate against people of color

Connect on Instagram:


Indigenous Rising is a group that raises awareness about worldwide environmental offenses committed by governments and corporations and galvanizes followers to take action around the premise that the earth is sacred and that their duty is to help protect it. They have been taking an active stance in supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

Connect on Instagram: @indigenousrising


For Asian Allies


Asians 4 Anti-Racism was created by two NYC teens dedicated to dismantling the Asian perpetuation of racism within the broader Asian community. Their content is geared to dismantle racism in all of its forms i.e. anti-Blackness, healthcare inequities, etc.

Connect on Instagram: @asians4antiracism


Asians 4 Black Lives aims to support the safety, justice & resilience of Black communities—so all communities can prosper. "We aren’t an org—we’re organized."

Connect on Instagram: @asians4blklives

Connect with Asians 4 Black Lives: Twitter | Tumblr


South Asians 4 Black Lives is educating South Asians (SA) on dismantling anti-Blackness and exploring the South Asian identity

Connect on Instagram: @Southasians4blacklives

Connect with South Asians 4 Black Lives: Twitter


Asian Americans for BLM provides resources for Asian-Americans to inform and educate their family members and themselves about institutional and internalized racism

Connect on Instagram: @asianamericansforblm


For Blacks


Black Travel Alliance is fighting for equal opportunities in the travel space and holding the travel industry accountable.

Connect on Instagram: @theblacktravelalliance

Connect with Black Travel Alliance: Facebook | Twitter


Nomadness is an award-winning travel lifestyle brand that shows the world that travel has no racial, gender, religious, economic, or interest limitations through their community representation and relevance

Connect on Instagram: @nomadnesstribe

Connect with Nomadness: Facebook | Twitter


Travel Noire is a digital media company serving millennials of the African Diaspora by providing inspiring content to help travelers discover, plan, and experience new destinations

Connect on Instagram: @travelnoire

Connect with Travel Noire: Facebook | Twitter


Movement 4 Black Lives is a national network of over 150 leaders and organizations creating a broad political home for Black people to learn, organize, and take action

Connect on Instagram: @mvmnt4blklives

Connect with Movement for Black Lives: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube


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What next action will you take towards being an anti-racist? Comment below!


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