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Discover how YOU can support Black businesses and communities across America with this complete greenbook, rooted in an actionable 5-step framework for you to follow: Buy, Learn, Amplify, Celebrate, Knowingly. Built on a foundation of extensive research, word of mouth, and the author’s personal experience, Support BLACK Periodt: A Greenbook to Eliminate Your Ifs, Ands, or Buts brings you the lesser-known Black businesses that you will not find on a simple Google search. 


Inside, author Princess Francois takes you on an eye-opening 5-part journey into the heart of the Black community, giving you the tools and resources you need to support Black businesses and empowering you to participate in this vibrant and beautiful side of America. This handy guide ranges from key attractions in the eclectic Black cultural hotspots of New York and Atlanta to the small yet thriving communities in Maine, Hawaii, and beyond.


Book details:

  • Contains a handy collection of Black-owned businesses across America

  • Includes Black-owned museums, national park sites, theatres, art galleries, festivals, coffee shops, wineries, ice cream shops, and so much more

  • Provides a 5-part framework that encourages and inspires you to take action and support the Black community

  • Digs deeper into untold narratives of Black history to provide a window into Black culture

  • and more…


Inspired by Victor Hugo Green’s Negro Motorist Greenbook and the ABC Travel Greenbook, Support BLACK Periodt is the perfect companion guide for travelers, locals, and anybody who wants to support Black communities wherever they go.


Are you ready to start supporting Black communities by Buying, Learning, Amplifying and Celebrating Black Knowingly? Then grab your copy today!

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  • Hour by hour itinerary with distance from each location (maximized for time efficiency)

  • Links to all excursions

  • Contacts to all drivers/guides

  • Main attractions & hidden gems

  • Cost of any attractions and excursions

  • Black-owned and/or local spots

  • Lodging

  • Transportation to get to location while there

  • Travel planning organizer for you to take your own notes


These 10-15 pg. itineraries are based on trips I have already planned and traveled, which means that I already tried it out for quality and researched for hours. As an educator & administrator, I am a master planner & organizer, which means these itineraries are super organized as well!